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About Flaming

We’re consumed with a fiery passion to create our signature sauces, full flavored and unique, then bring them to your table to enhance your dining experience.

At Flaming Bullz, we are your sauce connection.

About Luis

Since 1991, Luis Aguilar has been researching and developing new sauces, not for resale but for competition to build a reputation and maybe one day for the general public. Being a Chef, he tested his creations on his catering customers who were seduced by the unique flavors he complimented his cuisine with. In the year 2000, he was convinced to create a company and website to promote his “Nuevo Latino” cuisine as well as his sauces. His website quickly drew international attention with people wanting to know more about making his cuisine through his posted recipes and buying his sauces when they were available.

Through the years, Luis has been told to get his products in the stores, but he was not convinced the time was right… until 2020.